***Material Information***

Plastic - High quality, phthalate free plastisol....IT FLOATS!

Plastic Firmness: Medium is best for all swimbait and jerkbaits. Soft is great for every other style.

Colorants - The default colorant will be a medium hue. Colorants can be lightened or darkened at the preference of the customer i.e. light black (for smoke), dark blue, light watermelon, etc. Please specify in the *special instructions box located in the CART SECTION

Flake - Flake is broken down into sizes:  String .125, Extra Large .125, Large .062, Medium .035 & .032 (most frequently used), Small .015, Fine .008

Hi-Lites - Powders that are added to the plastic mix. When put in alone, the bait comes out a creamy white with an iridescent color of the Hi-lite. When color is added, it will give the reflection of the Hi-Lite along with the other pigment added.

Pearls - Powders that are added to the plastic mix, and blend with the colorant to create a unique pearlescent bait color.

Scents - Scents are baked into the plastic mix, as well as lined in the packaging 

Photos/Videos - Customers can request a photo or video of their baits as theyre created. This is to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. Simply type "send photos/video" in the *special instructions box in the CART SECTION.