Tips and Tricks to designing your baits!

Here's something to consider when designing your baits:

1. Will the flake choice effect the color of the bait and vice versa?

Example - Any yellow based flakes; ie. gold, electric yellow, chartreuse, may look green inside of a dark blue colored bait. The reflection of those flakes inside the bait, may also slightly turn the blue colorant to green. This does not happen with all colorants and flakes, but when using some lighter colors with darker colors, it's possible.

Below is an example of a turquoise colored bait with yellow, chartreuse, and gold flakes.

As you can see, the turquoise has turned slightly greener because of the reflections of the flakes.

 2. Be mindful that Pearl Powders will slightly change the base colorant. Unlike the Hi-Lite Powders, Pearl Powders have a larger saturation...meaning, they almost have the same effect as if you were to add a different color drop of colorant to your orignal colorant. Another good example would be adding Red Wine Pearl Powder to a blue colorant. This would turn the color slightly purple.

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